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My life with metastatic breast cancer.

Let’s celebrate!


While I do not intend to use this blog as a bulletin board for updates on my treatments or my health condition, I feel compelled to share some news with you this evening. I know my recent posts have been rather heavy so this should help lighten the load. This morning I had the first CT scan of the clinical trial that I am participating in at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I was scheduled to receive the results at my upcoming appointment next week but my oncologist called me this afternoon and the news is good. My current treatment plan is having some success and all tumors have shrunk slightly in the nine weeks since I began. It is not a dramatic reduction in size but I am happy with anything moving in that direction, so HOORAY! Please have a glass of wine or crack a cold one for me this weekend as I am still not cleared to enjoy one myself. As a dear friend suggested, I will be hanging with Ben & Jerry for my own celebration.


P.S. A big shout out and virtual hugs of thanks to my lovelies Kate and Rachel for making this week extra special. Us cancer-folk call the stress caused before, during, and after a scan “scanxiety”, the thoughtfulness of your gifts helped me through it. Love you girls!

P.P.S. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning….FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate!

  1. Hooraaaaaaaay!

  2. This made my day. I had a really bad day and seeing this post not only put it in perspective but, made me feel so happy for you! yippppppeeeee prayers your way!

  3. So happy for you to get good news! Hope things keep moving in the same direction!

  4. Fantastic news!!! Love You Girl!

  5. yes…yes…yes…

  6. Thanks and Thanks again to you for sharing and for anyone who is helping! So good to know prayers/vibes/wishes are all moving in the right direction.

  7. The Beaner shared the good news last night, so I went Mai Tai in celebration! Let’s keep the good Mojo rolling. Love from the west coast.

  8. So great hearing good news! I know your loved ones are just as happy to hear good news! Keep up the fight and kick its ass! Toasting in your honor! *hugs*

  9. Great news, Cheri. I am soooo happy to hear thst. I had that glass of wine when my boys were napping 🙂 You go girl! Have a big tub at B&J! Love and hugs your way.

  10. So happy to hear, and thanks for sharing your blog- it’s beautiful and inspirational!
    My Best to you!

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